Exploring Peru Through The Lens Of Unsettled

When you think of Peru from a telescopic lens, the obvious keywords sprung to mind.

Seafood. Machu Picchu. Llamas. Rainbow Mountain. Nazca Lines.

Yes, the ceviche has been putting Lima's gastronomical endeavours on the map. And one of the country’s most popular destinations, Cusco, is growing in popularity as not only a gateway to the Sacred Valley, but a place to get comfortable and, dare we say, settle in for longer than a day or two. And, yes, the all but required alpaca selfie (powered by overused puns) on your way into the highlands.

But when you dig beyond surface, you're going to find that there’s a particular lifestyle in Lima, a different pace of life, and a relationship between you and how fast or slow you decide to move through life. When you step outside of Lima, you’ll learn that this lifestyle in Peru is an adaptable one, one that you can learn from, one where you can decide how rushed or how easy going life is, one that can be full of adventure or laid back and beachy. You can decide to go deep into conversation or kick back and enjoy a pisco sour at your own rate.

The Unsettled community accelerates these opportunities -- to live, work, adventure, and to dig deep, buckle down, or float with the current.

 In January 2018, we led our first Unsettled Peru trip with 20 entrepreneurs, explorers and freelancers, then six months later, we went back and did it all over again. We would be underplaying its success if we only said that it went well...

When you explore Peru with Unsettled, you visit the 1,800-year-old Huaca Pucllana ruins, climatise in what’s known to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the America’s, visit the ruins of Coricancha - an Inca temple demolished by the Spanish in 1533, hire a private plane to fly above the Nazca Lines, spend a night at the peaceful Huacachina lagoon, sandboard (and fall on our faces), and cycle around the hipster neighbourhoods of Lima.

So with that, we asked ourselves, why not go back to Peru in 2019, but for two back-to-back months and with a twist? Well, here you go. Announcing; 

Unsettled: Peru January 2019, including 3-weeks in Lima, and 1-week in the Sacred Valley. 

Unsettled: Peru February 2019, including 3-weeks in Lima, and 1-week in the Peruvian Amazon.

You asked for more adventure... we'll give you more adventure.

All you have to do is be bold, and save your spot.




“I really appreciate that this program had so many cultures represented. It was one of my favorite aspects… I loved engaging and with the local community in Lima - having real conversations with people in the community and even the opportunities to give back and invest in the local community.”


One of my favorite parts of Unsettled Peru was being able to have the three weeks of coworking in Lima. I hired a bicycle as soon as I reached Lima and on most mornings, I’d just grab my laptop and cycle in the neighborhood of Miraflores. Find a cafe or a park and work. The views from up one of these hills was unimaginable and just so inspiring…”

"Unsettled made me (re)focus on the things that are important to me as a person and a working professional. They do this by creating a community of open-mined people and inspiring workshop in a beautiful environment."

“The gigantic rolling sand dunes of Huacachina presented the perfect playground! Señor rapido, our buggy driver, massacred the dunes and left us in splits and shrieks. There was also sand boarding, sunset over the oasis town and a party that went into the wee hours of the morning... 6:30AM to be precise…”

“Loved the people in Lima so, so much: Unsettled participants and otherwise! What an awesome Peru crew you put together for us. I became a part of one of the most fun living situations I’ve ever been in—such an inclusive, creative, smart, kind, fun and culturally rich crew in our shared house. No one tells you how Lima is such an amazing city - so bright and colorful, welcoming, expressive, and beautiful! Plus, super delicious food and pisco sours and a relaxed pace of life. I feel so happy and grateful to have spent time in Lima this winter. Thank you so incredibly much for making this experience possible for us all together.”

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